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Many companies say that. Few can prove it. But with Innova™, just have a quick look round our website at www.innovacareconcepts.com and you’ll see what we mean:

  • INTEGRALIFT™ – A patient lifting hoist that’s completely hidden from sight.
  • AIRGLIDE360™ – a beautiful track system which utilises both technology and natural forces, offering the smoothest and most comfortable overhead hoist transfer in the world (we don’t think that’s just opinion either!).
  • AIRRISE – sturdy, reliable overhead hoist units that have been refined again and again, meaning that they’re amongst the most advanced models on the market today.
  • SOMLENT – a new era in pressure relief, with a mattress range that’s not only incredible pressure relief, but is comfortable for the patient.
  • And so the list goes on!

We aim to challenge the way things are being done in the healthcare sector, to design and develop new revolutionary products, and to change the way people think about care equipment. We want to think hard about aesthetics whilst focusing on function. And if we’ve enhanced quality of life along the way, we know we’ve achieved our goals.